What does ILR do?

The American University International Law Review is a student-run organization that publishes quarterly law reviews with student and practitioner work. We also publish a blog with shorter student work and a podcast with interviews with Washington College of Law’s brilliant students and professors. We aim to further the study of international law and make this information more accessible.

How can I join ILR?

For first-year students, transfer students, and some evening students of American University Washington College of Law, there are two options to join ILR. The first is the Write-On competition, where students are chosen based on an essay they write during the spring semester. The second is Grade-On, where students are chosen based on their final, first-year grades. Information is released in the Spring Semester!

How can I be published by ILR?

ILR selects certain staffer comments to publish in every issue. Additionally, staff members can submit blog posts that may be published on the website.

For practitioners seeking to submit an article to be considered for publication, please see the submissions page for instructions.