The American University International Law Review (ILR) is proud to be affiliated with the seventh-best international law program in the country and is currently ranked as the twenty-eighth best international law review in the nation. ILR takes full advantage of the resources at Washington College of Law (WCL), one of the most prestigious international law programs in the world. ILR members engage in international scholarly research, develop relationships with prestigious international law faculty members, attend networking events with renowned international law scholars, and are fully exposed to what WCL has to offer in the field of international law. When people think of American University, they think of international law; ILR members benefit greatly from that association.   

ILR currently publishes four issues per year on a wide range of topics related to international law. Past published works have analyzed public and private international law, legal issues relating to international trade, comparative international law, human rights, international business and finance, and international commercial arbitration. ILR is the only law review in the country to publish an annual bilingual Spanish and English issue through our exclusive relationship with the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at WCL. ILR also has a close relationship with the American Society of International Law and publishes the prestigious Annual Grotius Lecture every year. 

ILR members conduct in-depth, meticulous legal research and writing.  Each junior staffer writes a Comment of approximately 50 pages addressing a legal issue based on international law, with the possibility of being published during the school year. ILR members develop a thorough understanding of international and domestic law, a strong work ethic, an eye for detail, and great writing skills. Lastly, a collegial atmosphere and a desire to incorporate the whole of the WCL community in producing interesting and timely pieces germane to international law are hallmarks of ILR.