Advisory Board:

Padideh Ala’i: Professor of Law, Director of International & Comparative Legal Studies, Faculty Director of the International Legal Studies Program, Director of the Program on Trade, Investment, & Development, and Director of the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

Kenneth Anderson: Professor of Law

Janie Chuang: Professor of Law

Sean Flynn: Professorial Lecturer and Director of the Program on Information Justice & Intellectual Property

Robert K. Goldman: Professor of Law and Louis C. James Scholar

Claudio M. Grossman: Dean Emeritus, Professor of Law, and Raymond I. Geraldson Scholar for International & Humanitarian Law

Rebecca Hamilton: Professor of Law

John Q. Heywood: Associate Professor and Foreign & International Law Librarian

David Hunter: Professor of Law

Claudia Martin: Professorial Lecturer in Residence and Co-Director for the Academy on Human Rights & Humanitarian Law

Fernanda Nicola: Professor of Law and Director of the Program on International Organizations, Law, & Development

Anita Sinha: Professor of Law and Director of the International Human Rights Law Clinic