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Volume 27, No. 4

Editors & Staff

Center on International Commercial Arbitration Symposium: Salient Issues in International Commercial Arbitration

Horacio A Grigera Naon

Salient Issues of International Arbitration
Juan Fernandez-Armesto

Rabid Redux: The Second Wave of Abusive ICSID Annulments 
Paul Friedland and Paul Brumpton

Good Faith in International Arbitration
Bernardo M. Cremades

Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrators: 3 Issues
Judge Dominique Hascher

Salient Issues in Arbitration in China
Jingzhou Tao

The Extension of the Arbitration Clause to Non-Signatories - The Irreconcilable Positions of French and English Courts
Pierre Mayer

The Politics of Class Action Arbitration: Jurisdictional Legitimacy and Vindication of Contract Rights
William W. Park


Are United States Courts Receptive to International Arbitration?
Todd Weiler, Heather Bray, and Devin Bray

Arbitration in the Roberts Supreme Court
George A. Bermann 


Fifth Annual Lecture on International Commercial Arbitration

The Arbitrator's Deliberation
Yves Derains


Facilitating Appropriate Whistleblowing: Examining Various Approaches to What Constitutes "Fact" to Trigger Protection Under Article 33 of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption
Kristian Soltes

Burying the Right to Justice in Backyard Battlefields: Militarization in Mexico Conflicts with the American Convention on Human Rights 
Clarissa Pintado

Standing Behind Beastly Emissions: The U.S. Subsidization of Animal Agriculture Violates the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Lisa Winebarger 

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