Volume 5, Issue 3 (1990)


Law and the Poor in Rural India: The Prospects for Legal Aid

Richard K. Gordon, Jr. and Jonathan M. Lindsay

Law and the Political Economy of Repression in Deng’s China

Mark M. Hager

Recent Developments in International Organizations

Conduct Unbecoming: The Collapse of the International Tin Agreement

Ian A. Mallory

Notes and Comments

Factors or Prices? An Evaluation of Antidumping Laws as Applied to Companies Existing in Nonmarket Economies

Lydia Brashear

Recognition of Illegalities, Proposals for Reform, and Implemented Reforms in the Soviet Criminal Justice System Under Gorbachev, Glasnost, and Perestroika

David M. Simmons


Selected Bibliography on the European Economic Community and 1992

Prepared by Cynthia B. Schultz