Volume 3, Issue 1


Retributory Theater

Edward M. Morgan

Notes & Comments

The Effect of Georgetown Steel Corp. v. United States on Nonmarket Economy Imports

Richard N. Eid

The Continued Validity of the Act of State Doctrine in Foreign Branch Bank Expropriation Cases

Paul N. Filzer

Amnesty in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986: Policy Rationale and Lessons from Canada

Juan P. Osuna

Asahi Metal Industry Co. v. Superior Court: Effect of State Court Jurisdiction on International Trade

Emily B. Randall

The Libyan Asset Freeze and its Application to Foreign Government Deposits in Overseas Branches of United States Banks: Libyan Arab Foreign Bank v. Bankers Trust Co.

Corinne R. Rutzke

Recent Developments in International Organizations

First Contentious Cases Before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Neal S. Deodhar

Institutional Reform Under the Single European Act

Kathryn Good