Volume 25, Issue 5

Eleventh Annual Grotius Lecture Series

“Focusing on the Good or the Bad: What Can International Environmental Law Do to Accelerate the Transition Towards a Green Economy?”

Achim Steiner

Eleventh Annual Grotius Lecture Response

Commentary on Achim Steiner’s 2009 Grotius Lecture

Dinah Shelton


The Thickest Grey: Assessing the Status of the Civilian Response Corps Under the Law of International Armed Conflict and the U.S. Approach to Targeting Civilians

Dan E. Stigall

Is Gaza Occupied?: Redefining the Status of Gaza Under International Law

Elizabeth Samson

Tensions at the Borders in the U.S. and the E.U.: The Quest for State Distinctiveness and Immigrant Inclusion

Francesca Strumia


Whose Dictionary Controls?: Recent Challenges to the Term “Investment” in ICSID Arbitration

Joseph M. Boddicker


Ending Genetic Monopolies: How the TRIPS Agreement’s Failure to Exclude Gene Patents Thwarts Innovation and Hurts Consumers Worldwide

Cydney A. Fowler