Volume 24, Issue 2


Symposium: Rethinking the Future: The Next Five Years in Iraq

Christina J. Sheetz & Matthew T. Simpson


Rethinking the Political Future: An Alternative to the Ethno-Sectarian Division of Iraq

Paul R. Williams & Matthew T. Simpson

2007 in Iraq; The Surge and Benchmarks – A New Way Forward?

Darin E.W. Johnson

Strategic Water for Iraq: The Need for Planning and Action

Frederick Michael Lorenz

Iraq’s Displaced: Where to Turn?

Roberta Cohen

Iraq’s Minority Crisis and U.S. National Security: Protecting Minority Rights in Iraq

Michael Youash


Improvement with Impunity: Development-Induced Displacement and the Guiding Principle 6(2)(c) Proportionality Test Applied to the Merowe Dam Project in Sudan

Trevor L. Gross