Volume 2, Issue 2


Waldemar A. Solf

Robert Kogod Goldman, Claudio Grossman, Raymond I. Geraldson, George H. Aldrich, & Sally V. Mallison and W. Thomas Mallison


The Sixth Annual American Red Cross-Washington College of Law Conference on International Humanitarian Law: A Workshop on Customary International Law and the 1977 Protocols Additional to the 1949 Geneva Conventions

Rapporteurs Martin D. Dupuis, John Q. Heywood, & Michèle Y.F. Sarko

International Humanitarian Law and the Armed Conflicts in El Salvador and Nicaragua

Robert Kogod Goldman

Notes & Comments

The 1986 Provisions to Encourage Foreign Investment in China: Further Evolution in Chinese Investment Laws

Carolyn P. Casey

Foreign Attorneys in Japan: The International Practice of Law as a Question of Unfair Trade Practices

Masako C. Shiono

Garcia-Mir v. Meese: Reaffirming the Indefinite Detention of Aliens in the 1980s

Randy Toledo

The International Lending Supervision Act of 1983: Has it Had an Effect on the Latin American Debt Crisis?

Lyle B. Vander Schaaf