Volume 2, Issue 1


The Sources of International Law

David Kennedy

Who May Wage War? An Examination of an Old/New Question

Roda Mushkat

Notes & Comments

Jurisdiction over Terrorists who Take Hostages: Efforts to Stop Terror-Violence Against United States Citizens

Elizabeth R. P. Bowen

The Political Offense Exception: Is the United States-United Kingdom Supplementary Extradition Treaty the Beginning of the End?

James J. Kinneally III

Yossarian’s Nightmare: A “Catch-22” Between American Grand Jury Powers and Swiss Nondisclosure Laws–A New Solution

Christopher D. Liguori

Establishing More Effective Merger Control in the European Community: A Proposed Solution

Thomas B. Mann II

Mobil Oil Corp. v. United States: Captive Insurance Companies and Section 162 of the Internal Revenue Code

Thadeus J. Mocarski

Judicial Treatment of the Hague Evidence Convention and the Worth of International Judicial Comity: In Re Anschuetz & Co.

Thomas John Percy

On Doubting Thomas: Judicial Compulsion and Other Controls of Transboundary Acid Rain

Joseph MacD. Schwartz