Volume 1, Issue 1


Thomas Buergenthal


Public International Law as a Career

Anthony D’Amato

Inhibiting Reliance on Biological Weaponry: The Role and Relevance of International Law

Richard A. Falk

A Framework for the Examination of States of Emergency under the American Convention on Human Rights

Claudio Grossman

International Law, Morality, and the National Interest: Comments for a New Journal

Covey T. Oliver

Economic and Social Human Rights and the New International Economic Order

Seymour J. Rubin

The Settlement of Disputes Regarding Foreign Investment: The Role of the World Bank, with Particular Reference to ICSID and MIGA

Ibrahim F. I. Shihata

Protection of Civilians Against the Effects of Hostilities Under Customary International Law and Under Protocol I

Waldemar A. Solf

Conference Report: Human Rights in American Courts

Deborah R. Gerstel and Adam G. Segall

Notes and Comments

Chinese and Western Treaty Practice: An Application to the Joint Declaration Between the People’s Republic of China and Great Britain Concerning the Question of Hong Kong

Jay R. Goldstein

Air France v. Saks: An Accidental Interpretation of the Warsaw Convention

Kathryn M. Nutt

Access to Civil Justice in the United States and the Soviet Union: A Comparative Analysis

John Samuel Scott

Prying Open Swiss Vaults: The SEC’s Investigation of Insider Trading in the Santa Fe Case

H.L. Silets

The Arms Export Control Act and Congressional Codetermination Over Arms Sales

Peter K. Tompa

Whither Implication: An Analysis of the Implication Doctrine, Abrams v. Baylor-College of Medicine

Lewis S. Wiener

Recent Developments in International Organizations

The European Community

Sandra D. Benson, Joanne Hershkowitz, & Peter K. Tompa