Volume 30, No. 3


Symposium: Managing the Global Environment Through Trade: WTO, TPP, and TTIP Negotiations, and Bilateral Investment Treaties Versus Regional Trade Agreements

Tiffany Mathiason & Angela Cabral


Going Green: Managing the Environment Through International Investment Arbitration

Christina L. Beharry & Melinda E. Kuritzky

Protecting Animals in International Trade: A Study of the Recent Successes at the WTO and in Free Trade Agreements

Andrew LuriƩ & Maria Kalinina

Let the Responsible be Responsible: Judicial Oversight and Over-Optimism in the Arrest Warrant Case and the Fall of the Head of State Immunity Doctrine in International and Domestic Courts

Brian Man-Ho Chok

The Legal Effect of Greenland’s Unilateral Aboriginal Subsistence Whale Hunt

Chris Wold & Michael D. Kearney


“America: We Love You, But We Can’t Afford You”: How the Costly U.S.-Canada FATCA Agreement Permits Discrimination of Americans in Violation of International Law

Yvonne Woldeab