Submission Requirements

The American University International Law Review seeks to publish novel or pioneering articles that contribute to international, comparative, and foreign law.  AUILR regularly publishes authorships submitted by professors, practitioners, and students studying in the fields of private or public international law.

All draft submissions must be in English.  All citations and footnotes must conform with The Bluebook:  A Uniform System of Citation (20th Ed.).  Authors should be ready to supply any cited sources during the production period.

Each draft is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. AUILR generally publishes articles with 20,000 to 40,000 words including footnotes.  Drafts with well developed and well-cited footnotes are looked upon favorably for publication.


General guidelines to all authors:

Due to limited resources and timing, AUILR prefers articles that are completely argued at time of submission and with citations conforming to the Bluebook (20th ed.) citation system.  Complete well-written drafts with accurate Bluebook citations make the article editing process efficient.

AUILR staffers find the cited material in the footnotes and edit citations using the correct Bluebook format.  Authors should be ready to supply any cited sources during the production period if the AUILR staff is unable to find any sources after an extensive search.

The AUILR article editing process also reviews clarity, structure, consistent style and tone, and proofreads for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

How to Submit

The American University International Law Review welcomes submissions by email or through ExpressO.


Submit papers through ExpressO to the American University International Law Review.

Expedited Request

Please indicate on ExpressO for an Expedited Request.  Also email the Editor-in-Chief and Senior Articles Editor at: