Volume 32, Issue 1


The New Frontiers of User Rights, Niva Elkin-Koren

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The Role of Human Rights in Copyright Enforcement Online: Elaborating a Legal Framework for Website Blocking, Christopher Geiger and Elena Izyumenko

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Copyright Divisibility and the Anticommons, Jyh-An Lee

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Public Policies for Education in Latin America and the Difficulties Imposed by International Obligations for Technological Protections Measures, Marcela Palacio Puerta

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Safeguards for Defendant Rights and Interests in International Intellectual Property Enforcement Treaties, Kimberlee Weatherall

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The Quest for a User-Friendly Copyright Regime in Hong Kong, Peter K. Yu

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The Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard: A Search for a Better Balance in International Investment Agreements, Kendra Leite

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Volume 31, Issue 4


Food Speculation: Between Virtual . . . and Reality, Alexandra Esmel

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Known Unknowns: State Cyber Operations, Cyber Warfare, and the Jus Ad Bellum, Peter Z. Stockburger

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Indefinite Detention, Deadly Conditions: How Brazil’s Notorious Criminal Justice System Violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Layla Medina

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2015 HRA Articles Online Version (Print Forthcoming Vol. 32.2)


Rape by Any Other Name: Mapping the Feminist Legal Discourse Regarding Rape in Conflict onto Transitional Justice in Cambodia, Sarah Deibler

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Volume 31, Issue 3

Seventeenth Annual Grotius Lecture Series:

Some Thoughts About Grotius 400 Years On, Sir Kenneth James Keith

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TRIPS-Plus, Public Health and Performance-Based Rewards Schemes Options and Supplements for Policy Formation in Developing and Least Developed Countries, Mohammed K. El-Said

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No Due Process, No Asylum, and No Accountability: The Dissonance Between Refugee Due Process and International Obligations in the United States, Marissa Hill

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The Student-Athlete’s Right to Organize: How the United States is Violating the International Labor Organization Constitution and Declaration of Fundamental Rights, Matthew Phifer

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Volume 31, Issue 2


What Is “Colonial” About Colonial Laws?, Arudra Burra

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Decriminalizing Same Sex Relations in Asia: Socio-cultural Factors Impeding Legal Reform, Dinusha Panditaratne

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ADM Jabalpur‘s Antecedents: Political Emergencies, Civil Liberties, and Arguments from Colonial Continuities in India, Kalyani Ramnath

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The Evolution of Corporate Law in Post-Colonial India: From Transplant to Autochthony, Umakanth Varottil

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Australia’s Guantanamo Bay: How Australian Migration Laws Violate the United Nations Convention Against Torture, Katelin Morales

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Volume 31, Issue 1


The Demise of Accountability at the World Bank?, Dr. Natalie Bugalski

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International Double Jeopardy: U.S. Prosecutions and the Developing Law in Europe, Frederick T. Davis

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Keystonewalled: TransCanada’s Discrimination Claim Under NAFTA and the Future of Investor-State Dispute Settlement, Dillon Fowler

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